It is with a sad heart we have to announce the passing of Dunnys Remenic aka “Tiny” as he was known to everyone.

Seems like yesterday we seen him as a 2 year old in Texas and brought him over to Europe for fam. Meijer. We have had the privilege to not only train and show “Tiny” but to be with him the past 19 years as his caretaker (maybe he was ours).

Tiny’s show record speaks for itsself but that is not the only place he was a Champion. He showed his character and talent with whoever was riding him and made sure they had the ride.

He was a true ambassador for the American Quarter Horse and Western Riding. He was a true teacher to many whom graced a saddle on his back it did not matter if you were a young child, adult, teenage girl, a olympic gold medalist, million dollar rider, singer, actor, race car driver, a assistant trainer, royalty or a para rider. He was always there for them, never taking a unsafe step and always giving his rider confidence and courage.

We have watched him give first rides in the round pen, first trips in the show pen, demonstrations. He had a ability to always show style and finesse in the reining pen and courage and heart in the cow pen. He never said no and was always there for you.

Those who met him will never forget him ~ Rest In Peace BuddyDunnys Remenic

De Toppers waren te gast bij Burgmeijer QH om de echte westernsfeer te proeven.

Het thema van Toppers in Concert dit jaar is namelijk 'Wild west thuis best'. Vooraf aan de concerten zendt SBS 6 een real-life-soap uit over de Toppers en dus kwamen ze bij ons filmen.

Alledrie de toppers hebben even gereden en vooral Gerard Joling (die al wat rij-ervaring heeft) vond het heel leuk. Op een gegeven moment was hij met één van de paarden los in de bak en was het even of hij zich als Robert Redford in de Horse Whisperer voelde.

De aflevering van ‘De Toppers, Wild West Thuis Best’ bij Burgmeijer QH kun je bij SBS 6 zien op vrijdag 14 april om 20.30 uur.

Gerard Joling maakte zelfs een paar spins op Viper en plaatste hiervan een filmpje op Facebook. Via de onderstaande link kun je het bekijken:Toppers te gast bij Burgmeijer QH

Video Geer op Viper


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